Wholesaler Group

WG is a platform commissioning B2B relationship. Currently, the website has indexed more than 2.6 million companies, whether manufacturers, service providers, wholesalers or distributors.

WG is a portal that aims to help, for free, the two parts forming the trade:

  1. On the one hand those who wish to undertake a business, or already own, in search of suppliers, manufacturers and wholesalers of quality.
  2. In addition to companies that walk in continual search of customers and want to do on the network brand.

Our directory is designed from a strategic point of view, as positioning is concerned. We try to teach companies how to create an ad for the quality of Internet searches in appears well positioned. While we strive to provide information of value to those who want to start a business, to not stop visitors and increase your brand recognition.

Another important factor that benefits you as a company, is to create links. Google, Yahoo, Bing... reward links that relate to your website by improving your ranking in search results.